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Cheap Dactyl

Dactyl Keyboard Kit

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If you want to build a keyboard by yourself. That means you have to use soldering iron, flash your own firmware, and debug it by yourself.

In this product, you will get:

- a set of dactyl/dactyl manuform case (generated from https://dactyl.siskam.link).
- enough single pcbs (https://github.com/ibnuda/single) to build the keyboard.
- enough diodes to build the keyboard.
- 2 unit promicros.
- mini-usb (female) to micro-usb (male) cable.
- 8 metres single core cable.
- rj9 sockets and phone chord.

To build a keyboard, you will need the following parts:

- enough switches, which you can get it from this shop.
- enough keycaps.
- enough patience.
- steady hands.