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Cheap Dactyl

Dactyl Manuform 5x6

$113.00 USD - $157.00 USD

Image of Dactyl Manuform 5x6

Just your plain old dactyl manuform 5x6 (or 6x6) with switches, fully built. Yes, you read that right. Fully built.

It will take around 4 to 5 weeks to print and build it.

This item consists of:
3d printed case (ABS/PLA) 0.2mm z resolution.
64 switches. (or 76)
64 diodes. (or 76)
2 promicros.
1 usb-micro to usb-mini cable.
2 rj9 sockets.
1 30 cm micro-to-mini usb cable.

To use it, you have to only have to get keycaps on it.

Will be shipped using EMS (green columns, under "s.d 1500g") : https://ems.posindonesia.co.id/tarifems.html

PS: source at https://github.com/ibnuda/dactyl-keyboard/tree/master
PPS: check other works at https://www.instagram.com/rickongreasyshit/